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Adding Modern and Beautiful Link Effects with CSS3


Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim … Alright today I will discuss how to add a modern link effect with CSS3 so it looks more beautiful and elegant. Actually, to add the effect of the link, we can make it yourself with a little modification of CSS source code. But this time I will help open your inspiration and increase knowledge for all of us on creating link effects and hover effects on links on our respective websites.

A little explanation from me, the link effect I mean is modifying the effect on the link by adding transitions to the hover link. So when the mouse cursor is directed to the link, it will display a beautiful effect based on the CSS class that was added. For more details, please just see the demo by clicking on the “DEMO” button that I provide below.

It should be noted, Modern Link Effect is not all can run well on all browsers. This link effect will work very well on the Chrome browser and Firefox. Of course it works very well on browsers that support CSS3 and HTML5. Immediately, instead of me talking there talking here, I will guide you directly to implement this link effect: D Please note my explanation below.

Adding Modern and Beautiful Link Effects with CSS3

The most important step is to add the following CSS to your project:

For its application there are three ways. Some cases of application in your html can use syntax as follows:

For the case of special effects, you must add attributes to the link by adding data-hover, see examples:

Then for some cases you also have to add a span because we will add perspective to each link to get another special link effect. See an example:

Sorry, not all examples of the effect link I show. But you can see a demo and download the source code for this project below. I hope this can be an inspiration to boast modern effect links with CSS3.


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Alhamdulillah, finally we also finished making an article about: Adding Modern Link Effect with CSS3. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. If you have questions, don’t be shy about asking in the comments column. Happy coding … 🙂

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